New tees from Original Cowgirl

Original Cowgirl Clothing Co. has released it's latest collection and the best part is that the fast growing company has added many styles in ladies sizes as well as Jr's. The brand known for its line of graphics tees with Americana and Western themes also offers a great range of handbags, jewelry, hats, and more. Many of their products are available exclusively through their retailers, but their current collection is online now, with select styles being offered up to 4XL.

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Baker, CA


I am in Las Vegas pretty often and not that long ago I wrote about the Royal Hawaiian Motel that is in the city of Baker. Well after spending the last week in Vegas for Magic Market Week I headed home the only way there is I-15 through Baker, on to Barstow and then home to the Greater Los Angeles area. Even though I have passed through Baker hundreds of times but never got off the main street... until today.

As you would expect most of Baker is littered with abandoned buildings, old cars, and just general junk. A vacant Correctional Facility is at the north end of town... that closed a few years ago and like the Motel is for sale... other than the little strip where you can see the worlds tallest thermometer and buy some Alien Jerky there is not much left in the town of Baker.

The Royal Hawaiian slowly decomposes on the south end of Baker

Datsun Z bake in the desert sun

Looks like Lone Star and Barf Crashed on Earth and ended up in Baker

A peek inside room 1 at the motel... looks like Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo have been staying here

This Lexus broke down here two years ago... and the owner just left it.

Another shell 

A rusty T-Bird waits for someone to save it or crush it

Baker's Claim to Fame

Creeper Van

This sign is at the entrance to the abandoned prison

A gas station on the north end of town... just on the wrong side of the off ramp...

Top Cross Country Road Trips in the U.S.A

By: David Reichman 

Going on a Cross Country Road Trip excites most Road Trip Planners because there's something about the open road that beckons, promising freedom, or at least a taste of it. Finding the balance between hitting as many states as possible and "enjoying the ride" can be somewhat relative, to be sure, but even with a cross country objective, quality still trumps quantity... best to see less at a leisurely pace than to see more in a blur from the highway.

How much time you set aside for this trip greatly impacts the total mileage you'll put on the odometer, as does the number of people in your car. Couples can drive further than families because children just get too antsy to sit still for long periods of time (DVDs & iPods notwithstanding). A group of friends can probably cover the most distance because they can drive through the night and switch drivers every four hours while others sleep (& save on hotel costs to boot). to the TOP 5 CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIPS that every Road Trip Planner should try, David Letterman style:

#5 - THE GREAT RIVER ROAD (10 states - 2300 miles): American travelers do so love nostalgia and meandering alongside the great Mississippi River from bow to stern in a manner reminiscent of Mark Twain's riverboat days gets many road trip planners excited about all the possibilities. What's fun is skirting along the edges of two states to follow the river. The Mississippi River is much more romanticized than the Missouri River, which is actually the longest river in the U.S. Your route could be considerably shorter (1500 miles) if you took the more direct route between the headwaters and the decide just how closely you want to follow the river. Just make sure you don't miss experiencing the Mississippi River from a riverboat.

#4 - SOUTHERN COMFORTS (8 states - 3000 miles): This cross country road trip allows road trip planners to blend in variety and spice to their trip! Here's where you'll experience the good ol' southern hospitality in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, the Cajun flavors of Louisiana, get a taste of the Texas BBQ, the southwestern spices found in New Mexico, Arizona and the laid back atmosphere of southern California. US-80 will take you through the bulk of this trip which offers more varied cultural experiences than you're likely to get in any other U.S. cross country trip. And the variety is not limited to the cultural differences from town to town but the surrounding landscape which rolls from one type of terrain into another. You start (or end) at the vast stretches of beach at San Diego, travel past a cacti strewn southwestern desert, cruise through seemingly endless plains and into the Deep South cotton lands and plantations. While some travelers are drawn to the green and serene found in a Northern cross-country road trip, many others revel in the South's variegated russet-colored landscapes and straight highways stretching before them like the backbone of America disappearing into the horizon in a purple haze.

#3 - THE OREGON TRAIL (11 states - 3200 miles): This road trip is for road trip planners who want to go the distance while traveling a goodly portion along a historic route. You start (or end) out from the wild Oregon coastline, travel through increasingly diverse terrain, to - and through - dense urban populations and finish by the serene waters of Cape Cod. The Oregon Trail is known best as the migration trail pioneers embarked upon when America was young. Of course, you're not traveling by wagon train so you don't need to set aside four to six months just to traverse the 2,000 mile section they followed (Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska-Wyoming-Idaho-Oregon). In fact, you could comfortably do this road trip in less than 3 weeks (if you rent a car & fly back). The main route you'll follow here is US-20 where you get to hit some truly gorgeous places like Niagara Falls and Yellowstone Park.

#2 - THE PACIFIC COAST ROAD TRIP (3 states - 1500 miles): Even though you're traveling through only three states, you'll be cruising the length of the West Coast from Olympia, Washington in the North, through Oregon and to San Ysidro, California, right near the Mexican Border on the South. Check out Things To Do Along The California Coastline for tips from a long-time Californian (California comprises the bulk of this Road Trip). A good Road Trip Planner can create a kaleidoscope of experiences along this route as it takes you from primitive forests, secluded hideaways, historic towns to major cities with the latest innovations, always flanked by a stunning coastline holding beaches and beach-lovers of every shape and size. Called Star Route 1, more known as Highway 1, with the California stretch called the Pacific Coast Highway, it is mesmerizing.

And the #1 CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIP OF ALL TIME? (8 states - 2500 miles): The mother of all highways, the most romanticized, most sung about, most appearances in a movie highway...drum roll please...ROUTE 66! It's so popular that a Google Search for "Route 66" yields more than 6 ½ million results! Covering eight states from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, it is the #1 recognized Road Trip and well worth any road tripper's attention.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Road Trip Planner and start your engine! The open road awaits!

Starbucks Saves Historic Los Angeles Gas Station

Nearly two years ago, Starbucks senior store design manager Jonathan Alpert and his team learned of a potential new Starbucks site in Los Angeles. It was an unusual location – an empty old gas station on a fenced-off corner of Highland and Willoughby.

“At the very beginning we knew this was something special,” said Alpert. “The building was in such a dilapidated state, but we could see it had potential. We wanted to restore the building in a way that allowed us to serve the community while celebrating its history.”

The curvilinear art deco structure was built in 1935 during the early days of California’s automobile age and the Golden Era of filmmaking in Hollywood. Gilmore Oil, which was then the largest independent oil company on the West Coast, purchased the parcel from film star Wallace Beery and opened one of its “Red Lion” service stations on the site. It operated as a gas station for several decades, later as a Mobil and Texaco station, until it was vacated in the 1990s.

In its heyday, it was a colorful backdrop for movies and commercials, including a scene between Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours and a fuel stop with Steve Martin in L.A. Story. It was registered as a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument in 1992.

Alpert and his team drove back to Starbucks store design studio in Orange County and went to work, collaborating with the city of Los Angeles and hiring a historical consultant to make sure that its historic integrity was preserved during the restoration process.

The team created a design ideal for a store with both a drive-through for cars and walk-up window with outdoor seating area. They restored the main existing structure – the original “Y” shaped service station—as well as the canopy structure from an added car wash. They preserved and restored existing glass and metal elements wherever possible.

“The most interesting architectural features of the building are its sweeping cantilevered canopies that extend out like arms from either side of the building,” Alpert said. “When we came in, these were falling down. We made them structurally sound and now they look much like they did in their original state, 80 years ago.”

The team also made some updates, adding energy efficient LED rope lights to replicate the old tubes of neon lighting. Non-historic contemporary service bay roll-up doors were replaced with aluminum frame garage doors in the style of the period to form an exterior wall.

“We didn’t try to over-brand the building,” he said. “We tried to keep it true to the original, placing only limited signage.”

While the drive-through evokes the same automotive spirit and speedy service of the classic gas station, designers also created inviting outdoor spaces for customers to stop and stay a while. Green Starbucks patio umbrellas shade an open seating area for up to 24 customers, who can gather around a concrete community table or small patio tables. Because the property was primarily paved historically, Starbucks designers limited extensive plantings, but incorporated native grasses, silver carpet ground cover, and loquat trees.

“Starbucks real estate and design teams are always looking for unique locations that connect us to the past,” he said. “Sometimes we stumble on a gem like this one, and are honored to get the chance to bring it back to life.”

The new Highland & Willoughby store is one of Starbucks newest historic restorations of historic buildings, which include New Orleans Canal Street store and the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.

“We have reinvigorated the corner of this community and its art deco past,” he said. “Now it’s electric.”

Orlando Dugi: Evening Wear Born in the Southwest

Photos by Mike Satterfield
Model: Bobbi Jeen Olson

Conceived in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011, the brand DUGI is a fledgling special occasion and evening wear fashion house. It began in a small 150-square-foot in-home studio and in 2013 moved into a 650-square-foot design studio. DUGI first began with elaborately hand-beaded evening clutches and bags, then introduced a line of jewelry to the brand, and now includes evening gowns. The brand name “DUGI” pronounced Doo-guy, (daghááii in Navajo) means “mustache” in the Navajo American Indian language. The designers heritage.

The designer ensures the use of the highest quality fabrics, materials, and embellishments. Every piece is handmade and is one-of-a-kind sample size, until it is ordered in a specific size. Each hand-beaded clutch or handbag is expressly made by the owner and designer of the brand name DUGI. The garments are still made in-house but often with the help of two bead assistants and a seamstress. The DUGI brand personifies bold and adventurous yet elegant and scintillating women. The line is currently available online at and off the runway

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Mickey Gilley Receives High Honors with ACM Triple Crown Award

The legendary Mickey Gilley is celebrating a new milestone as the recipient of the 2015 ACM Triple Crown Award.  It’s the Academy’s recognition of artists who have previously won ACM Awards in all three of the following categories: New Artist (1974); Male/Female Vocalist and/or Vocal Duo/Vocal Group (1976); and Entertainer of the Year (1976).

The Triple Crown Award was presented to Gilley by multi-platinum singer Darius Rucker during ACM Presents: Superstar Duets which was taped for a two-hour television special at Globe Life Park on Friday, April 17 in Arlington, Texas. It was part of the 3-day 50th Academy of Country Music Awards® celebration and is set to air on Friday, May 15 on the CBS Television Network.

“Receiving the ACM Triple Crown Award is truly an honor of a lifetime. I’m thankful for the recognition and grateful to all those who helped me reach this incredible mark of achievement as I celebrate more than 50 years in the entertainment industry,” Gilley says.

In addition to being honored with the 2015 ACM Triple Crown Award, Mickey Gilley is marking the 35th anniversary of the Urban Cowboy movie and taking the spotlight across North America with this year’s concert tour.

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Dallas by 500

We love the city of Dallas, the new Fiat 500 is the perfect little car for a big Texas city. Working on some great stories for our summer issue which will have more of a focus on Texas so we figured we needed to see a little more of Texas ourselves.

Jackson Hole Art Auction

Tom Lovell: Sundown at Fort Union

Trailside Galleries of Jackson, WY and Scottsdale, AZ, in partnership with Gerald Peters Gallery of Santa Fe, NM and New York, NY are pleased to present the ninth annual Jackson Hole Art Auction. The Session I sale will be held midday on Friday, September 18 at Trailside Galleries in downtown Jackson Hole. The Session II sale will be held on Saturday, September 19 at the award-winning Center for the Arts venue. Both sessions will be led by auctioneer Jason Brooks.

G. Harvey (1933- ) 
The Hope of the Confederacy
oil on canvas
36 x 48 
Est $125,000/$175,000

G. Harvey (1933- )
Jeb Stuart's Return 
oil on canvas
30 x 42 
Est $100,000/$150,000

Carl Rungius (1869-1959) 
Grizzly Bear
oil on canvas
30 x 40
Est $250,000-$450,000

Bob Kuhn (1920-2007)
Elk in Down Timber
acrylic on board
14 1/2 x 18 1/2

“Due to increased interest in our sale by both consignors and purchasers, we have decided to offer an additional session that will be a small, well-curated sale of lots by highly desirable contemporary and deceased artists" said Roxanne Hofmann, Partner.

The Jackson Hole Art Auction is also pleased to announce the second annual Top Tier juried competition. Top Tier artists, chosen by invitation only, will consist of a select group of contemporary artists holding auction records in excess of $50,000. Artists slated to participate at time of press include William Acheff, John Banovich, Ken Carlson, Jenness Cortez, Z.S. Liang, Bonnie Marris, Mian Situ and Tucker Smith. A $10,000 cash prize will be awarded to the artist whose work is of significant merit, as determined by a jury of esteemed private collection curators: Emily Kapes, Art Collection Curator, Raymond James Financial, Natasha Khandekar, Director & Curator of the William I. Koch Collection, and Sue Simpson, Owner, Simpson Gallagher Gallery.

Early auction highlights include Tom Lovell’s Sundown at Fort Union ($150,000/$250,000) and two historically significant G. Harvey civil war paintings: The Hope of the Confederacy ($125,000/$175,000) and Jeb Stuart’s Return ($100,000/$150,000). Important wildlife offerings include Carl Rungius’ Grizzly Bear ($250,000/$450,000) and Bob Kuhn’s Elk in Down Timber ($35,0000/$55,000). Collectors can expect another fine selection of classic western, wildlife and sporting art this year.  

The Jackson Hole Art Auction is currently seeking high quality consignments for the 2015 sale. For further information call 866-549-9278, visit for more information.

New Fiat 500 1957 Edition Cabrio

Just in time for the spring and summer top-down driving season, the FIAT brand today introduced the new Fiat 500 1957 Edition Cabrio.

The FIAT brand continues to celebrate the storied past of the historic Nuova 500 with the addition of a cabrio version of the popular Fiat 500 1957 Edition, which was introduced in 2014. The Fiat 500c 1957 Edition features a premium dual-layer power-operated cloth top – a contemporary solution to the famous canvas roof on the original Cinquecento – designed to deliver all-season driving pleasure with the top up or down.

“We continue to expand the FIAT lineup,” said Jason Stoicevich, Head of FIAT Brand for North America. "The Fiat 500 1957 Edition celebrates the spirit of the original 1957 Nuova 500, and with the arrival of a cabrio version, we are adding open-air fun to the iconic Italian-designed Fiat 500 1957 Edition.”

Pricing for the well-equipped limited-production model starts at $24,700 U.S. MSRP, just $1,900 more than a base Fiat 500c Lounge. The Fiat 500c 1957 Edition is available for orders now and will arrive at studios this spring.

With just the push of a button, the Fiat 500c 1957 Edition’s power-operated cloth top retracts up to the rear spoiler during speeds up to a best-in-class 60 mph (a midway point may be chosen by pressing the button anytime between). Press the roof button again, and the roof will neatly fold all the way open and tuck neatly behind the rear head restraints (up to 50 mph).

The power cloth top offers even more technology. When the liftgate is opened for trunk access, the power-operated cloth top automatically retracts back to the rear-spoiler position to avoid any obstruction.

Now available as either a hatchback or a cabrio, the 2015 Fiat 500 1957 Edition includes a sport-tuned suspension for improved handling, 16-inch forged aluminum wheels with a retro body-color design, throwback “FIAT” badging and a premium Marrone (brown) and Avorio (ivory) leather interior. The model is available in three classic exterior colors: Bianco (white), Verde Chiaro (light green) and exclusive Celeste (celestial blue).

About the Fiat 500 1957 Edition
There's a romance about Italian cars, brands, fashion and design that make goods from this artisan nation among the most coveted around the globe. Since 1957, the Fiat 500 has embodied all four, empowering the Cinquecento to become one of the most iconic automobiles of all time. Nearly 60 years later, and with sales in more than 100 countries, the Fiat 500 1957 Edition commemorates its roots in uniquely crafted detail.

Based on the Fiat 500 Lounge model, the 1957 Edition enhances its iconic silhouette with a vintage look, thanks to classic exterior colors for this limited-edition Cinquecento, including Bianco (white), Verde Chiaro (light green) or Celeste (celestial blue). Inspired by the 1957 Fiat "Nuova" Cinquecento, an exclusive 16-inch retro wheel design features a wide chromed lip, body-color accent and large center cap with historic "FIAT" emblem. For improved handling, a sport-tuned suspension and all-season performance tires are standard. Completing the look are throwback "FIAT" badges on the front fascia and rear liftgate.

Continuing the 1957 Edition's vintage look is an Avorio (ivory) interior environment contrasted by premium Marrone (brown) leather seats. Avorio accent stitching vertically crosses the seatbacks and seat cushions, while detailed stitching at the perimeter adds to the Cinquecento's craftsmanship. For added contrast, Grigio (grey) door panels feature a unique Avorio inner panel, while Marrone door armrests and shift boot (with manual transmission) are color-keyed to the leather seats for a harmonious look. An exclusive Avorio leather-wrapped steering wheel is hand-stitched with Marrone leather on the "inner ring," and features a retro "FIAT" badge, illustrating how the FIAT brand takes craftsmanship to heart. Adding to the historic theme is a uniquely styled key fob with Marrone casing and Avorio-painted "1957" graphic. For driving enjoyment, the six-speaker and 276-watt FIAT premium audio system with SiriusXM Radio is also included.
The Fiat 500 1957 Edition features the innovative 1.4-liter MultiAir engine and C514 five-speed manual transmission, delivering an EPA estimated 31 miles per gallon (mpg) city and 40 mpg highway. With all FIAT products, engaging dynamics are essential, and the 1957 Edition includes a driver-selectable "Sport" mode on the instrument panel to unleash a more aggressive throttle map. Additionally, an optional six-speed automatic transmission with driver-selectable gear changes is also available. In Sport mode, the automatic transmission offers a more aggressive shift schedule and throttle map for improved engine responsiveness.

About the historic Fiat Nuova 500
The Nuova 500 was the fruit of a strategy designed to develop and revamp Fiat's product range, embarked upon by the company during World War II. While the city of Turin was still being targeted by Allied air raids, and the company's Mirafiori offices were occupied by German troops, Vittorio Valletta, Fiat Managing Director and later company Chairman (after the death of Fiat's founder Giovanni Agnelli), asked Dante Giacosa to start thinking of new cars that could go into production after the war. The result would be the Cinquecento, an automobile that delivered on its mission to provide efficient and affordable mobility during Italy's period of rebuilding and economic recovery.

The Fiat Nuova 500 was "the right car at the right time," and on July 4, 1957, the hatchback marked the rebirth of FIAT and its product range. Exactly 3,893,294 examples of the historic Cinquecento were built between 1957 and 1975, helping to provide an attainable car for Italians and numerous other Europeans. After 18 years of production, the last Fiat Nuova 500 was built on August 4, 1975, at the SicilFiat plant in Termini Imerese (Palermo, Sicily).

For more historic Fiat 500 information, please visit: